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10 New Potions To Entice And Annoy Players Of 5e Compatible Games, By Mox The Kobold Paladin, As Told To Aaron "Crash" Smith

Mox the kobold paladin considers themself to be an adventuring expert. After all, they graduated to of their class in their "So You Want to Be A Paladin" correspondence course and have days of experience under their belt.

So they decided to share this expertise, in the form of a small book that details their experiences with these unusual concoctions.

Each potion includes a graphic, 5e compatible rules for use, and Mox's story of their testing experiences.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover

  2. Table of Contents

  3. Introduction

  4. Potion of Atmosphere Creation

  5. Potion of Deception

  6. Potion of Extreme Probability

  7. “Potion” of Freeze Drying

  8. Potion of Gut Punches

  9. Potion of Gym Membership

  10. Potion of Hangovers

  11. Potion of Healing Transference

  12. Potion of Reality Rejection

  13. Potion of Study Breaks

  14. Creative Commons Licensing and Credits



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