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11 New Books to Inform and Assist Players Of 5e Compatible Games, By Mox The Kobold Paladin, As Told To Aaron “Crash” Smith

Mox the kobold paladin returns, with a new 5e compatible supplement to help round out the loot tables for DMs and GMs everywhere!

Each "book" described within includes a graphic, 5e compatible rules for use, and Mox's story of their literary experiences with the tome in question.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Introduction (Who’s that dashing young kobold? Oh! It’s me! Hello!)
  4. “The Book”
  5. Book of Convoluted and often Contradictory Regulations
  6. Chroma’s Abridged Guide to Ship Operations
  7. Chroma’s Out of Date Science Journal
  8. Daldain’s Permit of Permissions
  9. Gox’s Illustrated Manual of Physical Exertions
  10. Guide to Scenic Vistas That Certainly Won’t Kill You
  11. Marwyse’s Encyclopedia of Stuff I Totally Knew
  12. Marwyse’s Overdue Library Book
  13. Niwri’s Survivalist’s Handbook
  14. Zeeli’s Guide to Responsible Pyromania
  15. Creative Commons Licensing and Credits


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